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Business Valuation with Robert Khan

"Price is what you pay, Value is what you get" – Warren Buffett
Opportunity Offered
Opportunity knocks in the form of a business for sale, or opportunity to acquire.
When it involves a business for sale, buyers must consider the genesis of the sale. The genesis of every good acquisition is sounds valuation. In the tightly connected world where market complexity and complexions are ever shifting. Value can exist in both tangible and intangible permutations.

The circumstances of the valuation is a crucial component when it comes to the valuation of a company for purpose of acquisition. Our specialized consultants will propose the optimal approach to achieve your specific outcome of the transaction. In a discipline that hinges on insights, knowledge alone will not present the full picture of the opportunity. In business valuation, the background often shapes the foreground.

Our specialized consultants are allocated to you so that at all times you will know specifically who to reach to seek further clarity. Expect responsive service that is backed by sound principles and independent advice. Our services include the valuation of business entities, both vertically and laterally, Intellectual property, real estate, tangible and intangible asset classes.

Robert Khan offers business valuation consultation based on sound accounting principles and drawing from almost two decades of valuation expertise across different asset classes and continents, you can have confidence of our measured approach.

The Approaches
Valuation of businesses is a dynamic process, and should not be limited to a single mechanical process.
At a strategic level there are 3 primary approaches to business valuation in Singapore or internationally and our team will advise you on the best approach to achieve your objectives depending on the type of business undergoing valuation.

The Market Approach: Few businesses are so niche that they exist in their own space. The Market Approach is the orientation of the value of a business asset based on the selling price of similar units. This valuation approach considers updated sales figures across similar units and calibrate within tolerance for quality or quantity. This approach borrows heavily from the industry performance the business is in.

The Asset Approach: This approach is based on fair market value of the total assets sans total liabilities, also known as the business's net asset value. This approach takes into consideration the assets that is requires to duplicate the business at the time of the valuation. This approach is paper-leaning as it focuses on assets at hand and cost of recreation, and has a wide tolerance due to the rate of deprecation and selection of assets or liabilities to be included.

The Income Approach: A bundle of sub methodologies, including the Direct Capitalization and Discounted Cash Flow methods. The Direct Capitalization method projects the Net Operating Income by multiplying it with the capitalization rate, deriving the present day value.

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