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"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see" – Henry David Thoreau
Maximize your Opportunities
Opportunities are not created equal, and when an opportunity of a business for sale or a business for takeover presents itself expert advisory can assist you in maximizing every opportunity. Businesses for sale in Singapore can take many forms and serve any number of functions, and often the financial statements of these businesses for sale shed light on only a few aspects of the business.
The Value of Valuation
Businesses do not exist independently from other businesses or trends, they are tied intricately related and collectively form an ecosystem. Hence the genesis of the sale of business is critical in shaping the approach adopted to valuate it. A professional valuation report is a compilation of perspectives orientated around achieving your objectives that are structure in a robust manner. Robert Khan takes great pride in drafting our meticulously thought through reports that are credible in court and the marketplace.

Independent and robust valuation means that the business you are considering has been processed fairly and equitably for all parties to consider. Robert Khan's mix of methodologies, such as the Market Approach, Direct Capitalization Approach, Asset Based Approached and others are offered to you for consideration.

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Business cycles and seasonal changes
Industry knowledge alone cannot offer a robust valuation in the presence of scrutiny and global market changes. A single review of a cross section of a business's financial health even with some historical data would fall short of a report encompassing marketing sentiment, real estate equity or even brand equity. Seasonal changes after enhance or negate various aspects of a business.

By leveraging on a professional advisory team, you decisions are better made because of the precise information you are receiving that is both timely and accurate without actually running the gauntlet.

Robert Khan professional team of consultants and specialists are at hand to optimize both your minutes and your dollars by projecting tomorrow today. The intimate understanding of Business Cycles and Changes can only be achieve by blending experiences and expertise within our team.

The Ease of Mind
The Business Landscape has great excitement coupled with dense uncertainties, a professional team of experts specializing in clearing up the uncertainty can free up your mind space for more strategic and visionary pursuits. Allow the team from Robert Khan to do what they do best, so that you can be at your best for your organization.
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Your search for the right business for sale starts at knowing what's most important to you.

Opportunity often requires of us a degree of preparation. Be prepared and empowered with our service centred team of consultants who bring to the table over a hundred years of collective expertise and experience that is both broad and deep.

Due diligence to corporate governance or keeping up with the latest Accounting Standards.

At Robert Khan we are proud to be your total solution provider, including but not limited to the following services,

- Merger and Acquisitions
- Liquidation
- Company Restructuring
- Taxation
- Financial Reporting
- Litigation & Dispute Resolution
- Transaction Valuation
- Financial Instruments

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